V28 Awards 2024 – Juror Max

Introducing the jurors of the V28 Awards 2024. Today: Max.

what interests you in art in general

I’m a designer, have run a design agency and a comics company. My first miniatures were painted in the 80s and I’m a recent returnee to the hobby in the last few years, especially the kitbashing. I’m interested in figures that imply or afford a story from their appearance, and scenes that imply narrative.

what do you find intriguing in an art piece

I like vignettes that are a single captured moment in a larger narrative. The artist needs to create clues and hints to the overall story, that are read so as to build that story in the viewers mind. A bit like comics, where the page and panel architecture directs you to read and absorb information in the order that tells the story best.

something personal and/ or a fun fact

I used to collect outsider art/ thrift store paintings but they were too many and too crazy and I had to release them back into the wild.

where can we find you

on IG via @the_ruined_flag