V28 Awards 2024 – How to enter, categories and prizes

What is a Vignette28?

A Vignette28 is a photograph that tells a story containing at least one miniature. Digital manipulation is one way to enhance the experience for the viewer.

How to participate in the V28 Awards 2024?

You can participate by purchasing the “Your V28 Awards 2024 Entry” in the shop on this website (which costs 0.-). When purchasing you’ll be able to upload your work (entry requirements see below) and provide a title and a descriptive text or story. Also you have to choose in which of the three categories you want to participate. With that you are participating in the V28 Awards 2024.

By participating you allow me to publish your work and name on this website and on Instagram, while the copyright stays completely with you.

Entry Categories

There’s three categories available

Entry Level Category

If you are a beginner in the niche of visual storytelling and just want to give it a try this is your category. Our expectation is that your work is not purely showcasing a miniature but tells a story already. You can emphasize that with a title and description of your work.

Visual Level Category

You’ve created an evocative Vignette28 with an immersive story. This is your category.

Deeper Perspective Category

Your work offers multiple perspectives and interpretations which may only be seen when looking at it the second time? Then this is your category.

Entry Requirements

  • a photograph as jpg or png file
    • longest side max 1500 pixels
    • file size less than 3mb
  • you own all rights on your work
  • no AI used
  • your photograph tells a story and includes at least one miniature

Entry Deadline

Entry deadline is June 30, 2024

Why do I have to “purchase” the entry and why do I have to enter my contact details?

  • I’ll send out the prizes sponsored by myself to the three category winners to the given addresses. I won’t ask for contact details via any other channel or at any other time.
  • Additionally I will share the winners’ addresses with the other V28 Awards 2024’s sponsors Bestiarum Games (https://www.bestiarumgames.com) and Foto Koch (https://www.fotokoch.de) for sending their sponsored prizes.
  • After the prizes have been sent I’ll delete every entree’s contact details (if you stay subscribed to the newsletter your eMail address won’t be deleted).

Rating Process

I’ll pre-check all entries. Those not fitting the idea of Vignette28 or not meeting the entry requirements will be sorted out. All remaining entries will go to the jury for the rating process. The jury’s decision is final.


Each winner of each category will receive a prize.

Deeper Perspective Category Prize

The winner of the Deeper Perspective Category will win the following:

  • a SmallRig RM01 LED Video Light
  • a SmallRig Magic Arm with Super Clamp
  • a printed “Allstein Warband” by Bestiarum Games

Visual Level Category Prize

The winner of the Visual Level Category will win the following:

  • two Rollei “LUMIS Mini I-Light RGB” LED light bars
  • a printed “Vampire Lab Vignette” by Bestiarum Games

Entry Level Category Prize

The winner of the Entry Level Category will win the following:

  • a 50.- € voucher from Foto Koch
  • a printed “Terrified Peasants” Set by Bestiarum Games

Shipping the Prizes

I’ll ship the SmallRig and Rollei equipment myself, while Bestiarum Games and Foto Koch will handle their prizes.
Please be aware that depending on where you live there might be custom fees that you have to take care of yourself.

V28 Awards 2024

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