V28 Awards 2024 – Juror Marcus

Introducing the jurors of the V28 Awards 2024. Today: Marcus.

what interests you in art in general

I’m drawn to Art that tells a story. The trouble is, the stories I’m most interested in are about Dragons, Wizards, Space Lasers, Prescient Worms, or some other nonsense …

what do you find intriguing in an art piece

I love the capturing of realism in miniature – grit, gravity and life, whether it’s a fantastical subject, or something mundane, I love any piece of work that really considers the weight and substance of its subject.

something personal and/ or a fun fact

I’ve been into Miniatures for near enough my whole adult life, and a fair chunk of childhood too. Previously I worked in Film & Video, a job I loved, but ultimately found too intense to maintain. After leaving that world behind, Miniature Photography became an important outlet for my creative energy. Since then, I’ve joined the team Bestiarum Games and I’m able to pursue my passion for Miniature Photography as a part of my full time career!

where can we find you

on IG via @reliquat28