V28 Awards 2024 – Juror Laurence

Introducing the jurors of the V28 Awards 2024. Today: Laurence.

what interests you in art in general

Art is a story I can digest at a glance and then nibble at for the rest of my life.

what do you find intriguing in an art piece

Bold use of colours. Interesting ways of depicting light. An instant emotional connection, gut feeling of goodness, terror, joy. Materials I haven’t considered using, or a new use of materials I have. Detail.

something personal and/ or a fun fact

When I worked on a fruit farm we pruned the apple and pear trees over the winter, usually at different ends of the farm, I spent a month pruning Cox-Pippins down by a frozen pond. The earth was frozen solid. Each day as I arrived at the bottom of one row and began to work my way up a Robin would fly over, and spend the day with me. I’d chat merrily to it and listen to it sing. It was a lonely existence and I invested a lot in the imaginary friendship I had with the Robin. One day I realised that the heavy boots I wore were breaking up the ground so the Robin could find worms. I felt oddly betrayed. A decade later I read that Robins follow wild boar and deer through the woods as they break up the earth, and it gave me much peace of mind.

where can we find you

on IG via @baharroth_the_cry_of_old_paint

on YT via @baharroth_the_cry_of_old_paint