V28 Awards 2024 – Juror Corina

Introducing the jurors of the V28 Awards 2024. Today: Corina.

I studied graphic design and am very happy to be working in marketing in the private sector after my time at the agency in Berlin. I also give creative painting courses and have discovered my talent for giving others the space for their creativity and motivating them. Art has always been a part of me. I am visually inclined and fascinated by shapes and colors. Art can be so wonderfully different!

what interests you in art in general

There can be a lot that fascinates me about a work of art and nothing about it. Just like on a person, right? It can be the presentation itself or perhaps the approach and the story behind it.

what do you find intriguing in an art piece

I value being open to new things, whether it’s in dealing with people, new technologies, or developments.

where can we find you

on IG via @designwuensche