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The meta discussion

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      The meta discussion (or meta level discussion) is a discussion neither about the rules nor the setting. It’s about WHY and HOW (in the sense of quality and experience) of this product. Side note: I describe the rule set and setting as product even if there’s no monetary intention coming with it. But it is a product nonetheless.
      Why should we have this discussion?
      The WHY is the driver of the product. If contributors of the product accept the WHY (which we have to figure out) a discussion for the settings and rules either follow the WHY or it doesn’t. If it doesn’t, we can dismiss it (or have to reconsider the WHY). If it does the result of the discussion will make both the setting and the rule set consistent, strong and robust. The WHY can also be described as a vision.
      The HOW stands for how players, supporters and contributors experience the setting and rule set (hence the product). And also gives guidance for communication, style and qualitative aspects and values. It’s important to have a vision, but that doesn’t help if there’s no consistency in the HOW, because that’s the way the product will be perceived by those enjoying the product.
      (If you want to know more about this I recommend reading Simon Sinek’s “Start with why”.)
      As a start I will brainstorm on the WHY and HOW. Let’s see where this will lead us.

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