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      What is the setting?

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      Devour The Kaiju

      So – after some deliberation – as its miniatures agnostic, and a very fictional setting – I’d like the overall setting to be a off-shoot ‘parallel dieselpunk universe’ where WW1 had more advanced developments and technological leaps – leading to WW2 starting earlier – with mechs and minor technological differences. The ‘timeline’ is agnostic as well – its set somtime in the 40’s in Europe/Africa/Pacific/Russia – involving a variety of nations – each with potentially their own abilities etc.

      Base weapons are still very much the main crux of the military forces – but some sci-fi /techno weapons can drip feed into the setting. Alongside Dieselpunk mechs and armour.

      The core values of the game are – it’s narrative driven, not designed for tournaments, and at its heart its about exploring the unity of various nations – to overcome a global problem – the gnarl swarm!!!

      I’ve been very inspired by Warlord games Bolt Action and Konfilct 47′ miniatures – who I can see as an ideal starting point to create a small skirmish force. Throw some green stuff, mushroom shapes and plant matter on some US paratroopers – and you’ve got some gnarl…. just have to get creative!

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        I like the idea of setting a parallel Dieselpunk universe and adding some interesting technological improvements (and I’m pretty sure that we’ll find appropriate rules in the rules discussion for that). Yes, the whole setup and system should boost the creativity of those playing.

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      I really, really love this idea! It sounds like a similar aesthetic to NoGodsland40K but with a Wealdy twist to it.

      In terms of factions what have you been thinking; is it world vs Gnarl, or have certain nations felt the corrupting call of the Rot’s power? (Either full on joining forces, or maybe having tried to harness the Gnarl for their own gain and having ot all gone terribly, terribly wrong…)

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        The current status is that in the far future of the happenings in the Weald the Gnarl thing is spreading again. Most likely we will have multiple nations of the Weald World each fighting their own Gnarl manifestation in their nationā€˜s own cultural way. Also this could be a global undertaking to unite the nations.

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        Devour The Kaiju

        So far, from the rules we’ve briefly spoken about – the gnarl infection (like the weald) has different ‘stages’ so some infected soldiers can still use ranges weapons – where as (still speculative) some are further down the line and walking monstrosities. (literal ‘tanks’ or infected mechs in some cases)

        It’s early doors yet – but I like the idea of each nation having a special rule/ability – and individual soldier types having an ability – so a Japanese sapper can use a grenade (2x in a row or something) and get up from a pinning shot to charge into close combat. Where as a US sapper can use a grenade (2x in a row or something) – but maybe has a ‘US’ ability – rally easier or something. Basically you want to make your squad a mixture of roles…but also nations for the most advantage. To counteract this – the gnarl will have another advantage – we’ve already pencilled them as having more units – but they will need another advantage I think. We’re building the ruleset from the ground up…so these developments will come at a later date.

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