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      As the first game is still in the pipeline here’s some thoughts about the close combat mechanisms. In the original Crossfire rules you engage close combat by moving your miniature to the opponent’s miniature. Ideally you do that with a group movement as reactive fire still applies. Because the close combat is an action in itself. I.e. only by successfully reaching your opponent’s miniature (with a single movement action) close combat is executed.
      Also in the original rules close combat are concluded with a two comparing dice rolls. Every modification to the result are addition or subtraction modifiers like number of participants, commander’s CV, troop maturity or weapons used. Also close combat applies rather rarely.
      If we want to uphold the momentum of the game we should make close combat as easy as possible while still take into account the 1:1 scale.

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      Devour The Kaiju

      I think we need to make close combat easier to achieve – but risky once you’re in close combat. So the Gnarl can stay thematic – and want to go into close combat. I also wanted the gnarl to have an advantage in close combat, and the Allied Factions to ranged? – like the gnarl fight tooth and claw (mostly) while the Wardens fight bullet and barrel (mostly)

      The risk is, if you enter close combat and fail (don’t roll a 6 to kill) you then pass initiative onto the other player who can make an attack on you or disengage and fire upon you.

      These are the ‘weapon profiles I’ve drafted’;

      Close Quarters (‘6’ = Kill)
      Faction – Both – Bayonet/Knife – 1 dice
      Faction – Both – Shovel – 2 dice
      Faction – Allied Nations – Sword/Blade – 3 dice
      Faction – Gnarl – Claws – 3 dice

      also this as a ‘ranged’ weapon choice – essentially leaping into CC;
      Faction – Gnarl – Swift Foot – 3 dice – 360° fire arc – (Can’t pin, suppress or kill. If successful – leap to target and enter close combat)

      So an example –
      Your 2 Allied Faction Soldiers have fired upon my 3 Gnarl who are in the cover of fields – but missed, and not pinned. The initiative passes to me. I choose to make a group ‘charge’ with my 3 Gnarl. 2x have direct line of site (and facing) where as one has LOS but isn’t facing – so he uses his ‘swift foot’ (he rolls a 5, success) – as this is a group charge all gnarl are now in close combat – without interuption/reactive shots from you – as they all technically only made one ‘direct’ movement.

      I choose the fight with my leaping gnarl first – he has a shovel, he rolls a 4 and a 2 – he misses. The initiaive is passed to you. Your Warden has a Bayonet – you roll… a 6… success. the leaping gnarl is slain. You keep the initiative and attack with you 2nd warden – who has 2 gnarls on him – but he has a Sword – you roll a 2,4 and 5 – no luck. Initiative passes to my gnarl – who both attack at the same time with their Claws roling 1, 2, 5 and 4, 4…. !6 – you warden is slain. I maintain initiative… and pivot my gnarl to attack your warden with a bayonet – he reacts and fires his SMG – supressing my gnarl…etc…etc

      ….this will need a lot of testing, but its a start

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      I still like the idea of CC being deadly as hell. You don’t survive the CC with a „tank“ thing. No epic scenario, no heroes.
      And your suggestion sounds fun. We‘ll figure it out live 🙌

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