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      The current plan is to release our beta version before Christmas. Then it’s time to test both the rules and the rule descriptions. This means for feedback we need to incorporate at least two perspectives.
      Anyhow, beta testing won’t work without the support of others. And some kind of incentive. Also we’d need the beta testers for promoting the game.
      To be discussed:

      • each beta tester MAY build one squad of each faction, i.e. a one human and one Gnarl squad, consisting of one officer and three human infantry men and four Gnarls
      • each beta tester MAY build a human mech and/ or a Gnarl Bute or mech
      • each beta tester MAY build a tank for each faction
      • each beta tester SHOULD read the rules
      • each beta tester SHOULD play at least one game with the squads
      • each beta tester SHOULD provide feedback on the rules within x weeks
      • each beta tester SHOULD enter the result of the last game

      At the end of the beta testing phase we’ll generate the first big story of WWW taking into account the entered results.

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      If you are already interested to participate in the Beta Testing Campaign you might want to join our World War Weald Discord server.

      Keep in mind the HOW is not yet set neither is the date we’ll start. The discussion is still running.

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