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Update on the Vignette28 PhotoBook – vol.1

Activity Forums Vignette28 Update on the Vignette28 PhotoBook – vol.1

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      Hey all,

      at this very moment all contributors of the Vignette28 PhotoBook – vol.1 are in the second review round. Some feedback is already worked in, some is pending. The photo book currently has over 40 contributors and 60 pages so far. After the second feedback round I’ll deal with the cover.

      The plan right now is to have the free pdf being available end of July/ beginning of August. And now that this new community is up and most likely keeps around, the download will be from here.

      After my summer holiday I’ll take care of the printed version.

      Thank you for reading. Best.

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      The pdf is now available. Check out the announcement blog post.

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      Update on the printed version.
      For the volume 1 print I’ve chosen a print on demand service provider which I’m familiar with. The only downside will be shipment costs to outside the US. But the print quality is top notch.
      I’ve also considered to incorporate another print on demand service provider but turned that down for now because I would have had to connect them to an online shop. That’s too much effort for now, especially as I don’t know how many copies will be ordered.
      If anyone knows of high quality print on demand service providers (for books) in Europe or DownUnder, please let me know.

      Right now I’m working on the book cover. As soon as this is done I’ll order the first test print.

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      Update on the printed version:

      1. we have to rework a Vignette28 at the moment.

      2. additionally I am working on the cover with an artist.
      I have created a logo of which I want to share a sketch with you:
      Vignette28 Logo Sketch

      and here’s another one I once had in mind:
      alternative logo for Vignette28

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      Update on the digital photo book: there’s an updated version of the photo book available. Check the link in the top menu of this site.
      With this update the printed version is within reach. We are currently finalizing the cover art and layout. Then it’s off for test printing.
      Current estimate: within the next three weeks you can order the printed version.

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      Last night I finished the print version and ordered a test print. ETA is September 23rd. If everything is ok I will share the link where you can order it.
      If it’s not ok I‘ll rework it and run another test.

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