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    +++ In the aftermath of the Indomnitus crusade the Abelion system is thrown into turmoil. The existing rule on the planet has broken down and instead its every faction for themselves as the system begins to destabilise and tear itself apart. The planet Abelion is now home to the Grainlords, criminals who control the production and distribution of their crops to the greater system The asteroid belt is one of the most populated areas of the Abelion system. Its people are scattered however. Whilst some reside on some of the larger rocks, their lives dedicated to stripping these rocks of mineral ores, ice and the salvage from derelict ships. Others live a more nomadic lifestyle. . In the middle of the belt and the planet is situated the Sancus Station, a massive space station that operates as the economic heart of the system. It is here that the true path to power sits… As the system tears itself apart in the aftermath of the imperial crusade, factions fight for dominance and control of this once peaceful system, Sancus is the battleground for this power struggle. Whilst some just try to survive any way they can others seek power and glory, to control the harvest and control the system. In the deep void of space tensions are brewing and its every man for himself fighting for every ounce of oxygen, every single grain of food and every drop of water…. +++


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