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  • Howdy Gang! Excuse me as I post some bits and orient myself on the platform. As a test here’s my Fae-Touched Hunter of Many Curses for the second Weald Challenge.

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  • The Rites of Summer have begun!

    This new supplement for The Weald is now available to download for free!

    With #folkhorror inspired cover art by @admacritchie and filled with illustrations and maps courtesy of @devourthekaiju, this supplement is a mini narrative campaign for #weald28

    Follow the story as a band of Wardens stumble into an…Read More

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  • Hey everyone here’s something for the Weald Year Book where you can make a class photo of your gangs for the Almanac.
    The idea is that everyone takes a photo of their Weald gang (each group gets its own pic … if you have multiple you can make multiple). The final pic should somehow resemble the given layout. It’s totally up to each individual…Read More

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