Rotting Ancient Shrine

Here’s my entry: the Rotting Ancient Shrine – the third Eyetoad Challenge of the Weald The Challenge Rules The rules are as follows. Roll 3d6 which determine the topic of your entry. The entry will be a piece of terrain with a diameter of less than 12cm. Another limitation (or motivation) is that you need […]

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Wall Section U221 – Day 435

The DropTroops are arriving. Decending from their hovering drop ship. It all seems quiet.

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Wall Section U221 – Day 433

The Navy must have done something. Since yesterday’s raids there’s this unnatural, guttural roaring echoing through the empty streets. As if a giant beast has woken and can’t find rest.

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Miniature Photography Insights

Here’s some high level miniature photography insights. I always shoot in RAW format. Even with LightRoom mobile you can do that on your smartphone. RAW files contain all data the camera sensor captures. Per default your smartphone or most other cameras store the photos in jpg. A photo stored in jpg format is a default […]

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Day 432

Airfield Hartwald Calling in the birds of prey. This always is epic in both sound and sight. A pleasant rumble. Vorstadt We heard them long before we saw them. We sought their arrival as they were announced already.

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